Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Knit Knit Knit Knit Knitting

I love knitting, it gives me a contented feeling inside and satisfies my need to multitask by making sure that I'm never just sitting in front of the television doing nothing. Oh no. I'm sitting in front of the television and knitting. 

For quite some time I only worked from modern knitting patterns - in particular those by Rowan - but was never entirely satisfied with my finished garments. At the end of last year however I decided to try out a vintage pattern, after my Sweetheart requested a retro-style Christmas jumper to be made for him. After some searching online I discovered The Vintage Knitting Lady, ordered one of her many vintage patterns (a steal at £1.50 because it was a pdf file) and started knitting. And the jumper turned out beautifully, my Sweetheart wearing it for most of the festive season! Well I was just smitten. Vintage knitting patterns just seemed like the way forward. And, lucky old me, I was given a copy of the glorious book A Stitch In Time for my birthday and so I've now been able to knit up some lovely vintage jumpers for myself too!

Being a fan of fair isle, I chose the Fair Isle Yoke jumper as my first project from ASIT, and I can safely say that this was the most successful knitting venture I have ever been part of!

My version

The original

I chose different colours for the fair isle pattern than the ones suggested, only using shades of pink and blue rather adding orange and green, and I'm really happy with the finished look (although I apologise for the terrible lighting in my photos, it's a bit too dark outside to get good photos, curse this British winter...). I've already worn this jumper on five separate occasions since it was finished, and I'm sure it's set to become a firm favorite in my wardrobe during cold spells (which, let's face is, is most of the time in the UK!).

For my next and most recently completed project I chose Ena's Sweater, a lovely lacy pattern with button detailing at the shoulders, and once again I was very happy with the finished jumper.
My version
The original
I chose emerald green for this jumper, and I think it looks very classy, although I feel Gladys is not showing the jumper off at it's best! As soon as the weather is better I'll get outside and have some proper pictures of these sweaters taken I promise! I really am so happy with ASIT, it is stuffed with projects that I want to try, and the jumpers I have made so far are so pretty and wearable. In fact I have already got my next project in mind: Enchanting in Black and White.
Enchanting in Black and White

It's just so pretty! I can't wait to get started on it...

Oh, and while we're talking about knitting, let me share my dream knitting project with you:  The dressing gown from "Beads Buttons and Lace" by Jennie Atkinson.

I don't care that it would take months and a small fortune to make. It's just beautiful. So pretty, so glamorous, and a little bit too much. Heaven! One day, my friends. One day.

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Earthly Colours said...

What a pretty fair isle sweater you've made.
This is a sweater I definitely would want to make myself one day...but I'm a bit intimidated by the colourwork.

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