Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #81

Happy there lovely readers! Greeting once again from Cardiff!

It's been a great week at my end, we had some beautiful weather and I got to spend time with both my parents and my Sweetheart. I feel very blessed right now :)

Images, each line from Left to Right:
1. The big wheel! 2. New phone, new cover, new apps, 3. Ice cream with my Sweetie,
4. Cream tea, 5. Berry tea, 6. Tea and cake
7. Beautiful breakfast! 8. Exterminate! 9. Is this not the prettiest owl ever?!

Cardiff really is one of the most beautiful cities, I feel very lucky to have been working so close to the bay and getting to opportunity to regularly visit the city centre too. Over the past few days I have visited Cardiff Castle, the Doctor Who Experience, Pettigrew's Tea Room (which was dreamy by the way!) and generally enjoyed myself :) Since being here I have also discovered the most beautiful vintage shop, but more on that another day...! One thing I have been doing in Wales is eat. A lot. The food here is beautiful, I feel like I must have put on at least a stone since I got here! Basically I've been having a wonderful time and I would throughly recommend anyone visiting this gorgeous city!

But enough about me, let's see what you lovely people have been writing about on the blogosphere this week...

Enjoy the rest of your weeks lovely readers, I'll be back again soon.

Katie xxx

1 comment:

Porcelina said...

Well fancy that, I live in Cardiff!
By the way, I've moved my blog to - do pay a visit!
Miss P xx

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