Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls - #76

* I know this a day late, but I couldn't get to a computer yesterday, at least not one with internet! But here are the wonderfuls, just as wonderful despite being a day late :) *

Hello there lovely readers, I hope you've had a great week, the sun us finally shining here which seems to make everything that little bit better :) I've had a great week myself, filled with baking, sewing, and knitting, so you can probably guess that I'm pretty happy right now!

Images, Clockwise from Top Left:
1. I love pretty packages! 2. My homemade chicken, ham and leek pie - yummy! 3. Thank you so much Cassie!
4. Is that a madeleine I see before me? 5. I've started a sewing journal :) 6. A whole bunch of madeleines!

I blogosphere has also been pretty amazing this week, filled with some great posts. Here are my personal picks from this week:

Have a great rest of the week!

Katie xxx


Luna said...

I guess you have very little time to blog right now and I miss your posts, but you know what? It would be  a fortunate coincidence, if you would have to delay the "UFO / Stash" round up :D cause I managed to fail again in terms of finishing my garments in time before the month is over ;) ;)

(PS: If anyone is interested, I posted about the discussion that is going on in the vintage-blogosphere right now (vintage mainstreaming blabla inspired by "Retro Chick" :))

Cassieart said...

Katie -- you are so very welcome! I'm thrilled you like the new belt and happy that both reached you without much trouble. I may be in touch soon about your kind offer for me to send my little stuffed tiger your way. I hope the weather is warming up for's 110 F here...I believe that's about 35-40 c? It's crazy! We need to find a balance between your temps and ours ;) Enjoy your weekend! ...Cassie

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