Friday, 8 June 2012

UFO/Stash Busting Project, BUMPER Monthly Round Up - April/May!

Hello my lovely readers!

I am finally playing catch up with the UFO/Stash Busting Project and all the projects of my wonderful Stash Busters. I'm sorry this has taken so long to make an appearance on my blog (I'm blaming technical difficulties and too much travel!) but I know you won't be disappointed with what I have to share with you :)

Thank you so much to everyone who keeps participating with this project, I am loving everything you've created, big huge congratulations to you all! So without further ado let's see what everyone has been up to over the last couple of months...

Cassie of Cassie Stephens
Cassie's Shadowboxes

First up we have a rather unconventional Stash Buster (but still a stunner!) from Casey. She created these beautiful ceramic dresses a while ago but didn't know quite what to do with them, but now they have found their perfect home: in shadowboxes! Aren't they gorgeous? A lovely Stash Busting idea!

Ginger of Ginger Makes
Ginger's Yellow Dress

This is Ginger's first time taking part in the UFO/Stash Busting Project, so a big hello and welcome to her! And as for this ridiculously beautiful UFO you have completed, I am totally in love! Congratulations and I hope you take part in the project for many months to come :)

Alyssa of Hems to Dolls
Alyssa's Sorbetto

Now Alyssa has been crazy busy over the last couple of months. She has created 4 versions (yes, that's FOUR) of the lovely sorbetto top, make a kindle cover, a new pair of pyjamas, a tshirt and a blouse! Well done Alyssa, you should be proud, and everything you have made is gorgeous :)

Liz of Liz Makes It
Liz's Socks

Liz has been on a serious knitting streak (and you all know how much I love knitting!), check out her jumpers, shrug and socks, I want them all please! What beautiful colours you have used Liz!

Luna of Vintage Tagebuch
Luna's Bag

Luna is another newbie, submitting her first UFO/Stash Buster for the Project this month. Welcome Luna, it's lovely to have you here :) And as for the UFO, well I adore this beautiful bag, and the embroidery details are stunning. I look forward to seeing what you create next, Luna :)

Nicole of Nicole Needles
Nicole's Baby Jumper

The cutest project award definitely goes to Nicole for this baby cardigan, isn't it adorable?! I'm glad you got this finished Nicole and that there was still a baby available to enjoy it :)

Sabrina of Mala-14
Sabrina's Sweater Embellishment

Sabrina is another one who's been up to a lot UFO/Stash Busting recently! Pictured above is my personal favourite, some gorgeous sweater embellishment, but she has also completed a corset and some lovely jeans. Can I just have a copy of everything in your wardrobe Sabrina?!

Snippa of Snippa Snippets
Snippa's Black Dress

Snippa has been busy too, with this stunning Black Dress UFO now finished, but if you check out her link you will also find refashioned skirts (one into a top, one into a yoga bag), a stash busting skirt and some jeans turned into armchair covers! Phew! Your projects are so innovative and imaginative Snippa, I love them all!

Wendy of The Butterfly Balcony
Wendy's Cushion Cover

And last but not least we have the lovely Wendy who seems to have been seeing the world through rose tinted glasses recently, that is to say everything she has made is pink! Follow Wendy's Link to see a whole host of pink projects, all Stash Busters of UFOS, and the best part is she shows you how to make your own too! Thank you for yet another collection of beautiful projects Wendy!

Congratulations again to everyone who submitted your fabulous projects, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for next month!

Bye for now

Katie xxx


Snippa said...

Didn't we all do well? 
I'm off to peruse everyone's lovely things now.  Thanks Katie x

Sabrina said...

Those ceramic doll's dresses are too cute! I also love the retro feel of the two dresses, perfect for the coming warm months. The Coca-Cola bag is just awesome. The Sorbetto variations are really cool. And now that I'm getting into knitting, I love seeing other people's knitting projects.

I just realized that the link that I put in for my vintage-inspired purple print dress that I finished at the end of April was incorrect! (Explaining why it's not in this post.) Here's the right link: Sorry Katie! And thanks for putting this huge monthly round up together!

Sabrina said...

I just realized that my comment could sound kind of presumptuous, like I expected Katie to add the new link. Not what I intended at all! I just thought I'd throw it into the comments section in case anyone was interested in checking it out. (I know this is a strange comment, but I wanted to make sure that there were no misunderstandings.)

Ginger said...

These are all so cute!  Thanks for including me!  It's so satisfying to finally finish up a UFO-- thanks for the inspiration!

ilovefilm85 said...

Oh love the heart embellishment x  

kate dickinson said...

Ah, so many insprational things! Now I feel bad about my UFOs! x

Sew Vala said...

I just love the cushion, off to check out all the links. And although I have signed up to stash busters I have yet to submit a project I hope to shortly. 

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