Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #47

Hello there lovely readers, happy Wednesday to you all!

It's fairly short one from me today as I am all tuckered out, it's sleepy time in the land of the Little Red Squirrel!

But regardless of how tired I am Wednesday Wonderfuls wait for no man, so let's get started!

Sorry about this hastily written post, I'm going home after tomorrow night's show for 10 days of loveliness and holiday-Christmassy fun, I can't wait! But I really must dash, I have a lot of packing to do!

Bye for now!


Sarah said...

Love your wednesday wonderfuls, especially those bridesmaids. They are all so beautiful and happy, I couldn't help but smile! x

Reana Louise said...

I'm not usually one for wedding photos, but those bridesmaids are too cute! And thank you for linking to me! Now I've found your wonderful blog too :D RL x

Lucy said...

Teehee - what a cutie squirrel!

Thaks for the links, love the post of limoncello - cute blog isn't it!


mala_14 said...

I want Gertie's sweater so bad! And Strawberry Moth's bridesmaid photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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