Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Edinburgh Adventures in Pictures - Part 2, My time with Harriet

One of the best things about my time in Edinburgh was that I had a visit from one of my favourite gal pals in all the world, the beautiful Harriet! 

Harriet and I met at school years ago and out of all my old school chums she is definitely the one I keep in touch with the most, but due to both of us leading such hectic lives (seriously, it's impossible to get hold of this girl, she's been in Sri Lanka, Kenya, you name it she's probably been there!) it had been quite a while since we saw each other last, so my goodness we were thrilled to be able to spend some quality time together!

We had a lovely old time in Edinburgh, we went for a gorgeous lunch at The Cellar Door, which I highly recommend if you're ever in the area, where I had my first taste of haggis and was very pleased with myself. We also made a cheeky trip to Bibi's Bakery to pick up some yummies for girlie time later (yes I know, my addiction to cupcakes may not be all that healthy!). She watched the show and afterwards we went to the pub and sipped on some large glasses of Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer before heading back to my digs and having a proper girlie sleepover, it was absolute bliss! The next day we had a divine breakfast at a little bistro down the road from where I was staying, where we both gorged ourselves on eggs, muffins, orange juice and hot chocolate or coffee (can you tell that a lot of our relationship is based on our mutual love of all food?!). And of course the only time we stopped talking during her visit was to eat or sleep, it was brilliant!

Harriet is the type of friend that when I see her I can't believe I let so much time go by between each of our visits and yet every time I see her our relationship hasn't changed. She probably knows more about me than most people in my life, the good and the bad, but she never judges me. I can talk to her about pretty much anything. She is an incredible person, she has lived half way across the world before to teach children english, she has dug wells for people who need water, she is currently kicking arse at her amazing PhD and yet she doesn't seem to think that there is anything all that special about herself. And that just makes me love her even more :)

I will always admire her for being so damn gorgeous and not realising it, and of course for our mutual obsessions with Johnny Depp, Richard Coyle and Terry Pratchett novels. She gets me, for all my quirky little habits and oddities, and I think that someone like that is worth holding on to. Plus she loves cakes and baked goods almost as much as I do!

Thanks for an amazing time in Edinburgh Harriet, you, as always, rock my socks off :)

See how big my smile is? That's how happy I was to see her!

Happy Tuesday my lovely readers! Now go and tell your best friends that you love them!

And yes, just to embarrass you, it's you eating cake! mwahaha! love you :)

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Tasha said...

Awww, you two look so cute! And I can't believe those sweets, I'm drooling just looking at them.

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