Saturday, 5 January 2013

My Resolutions/Goals for 2013

I love making New Year's Resolutions. I tend to feel a bit blue in January, what with the festive season being over - especially because I put so much work into Christmas, it kind of takes over my life! - so I find it very uplifting to set a few goals or make resolutions to make my life a bit better and/or more exciting for the new year. I'm not saying I always keep to them, my success rate in recent years hasn't been too good, but  I still like to try, and I love making lists so it's win win whatever way you look at it! I like to make a combination of resolutions and small goals, because you get the contrast of the long term benefits and changes of keeping a resolution together with the short term and more instantly noticeable successes of achieving small goals. So, without further ado, here are my Resolutions/Goals of 2013!

I can't say that I ever dressed like this whilst knitting...
I have already posted about these goals here, but I'd thought I'd write them here as well, just so that everything is nice and together!

Knit a jumper/cardigan with long sleeves
Knit a project using one of my vintage patterns
Sew my first ever pair of trousers
Sew a coat
Use my new found tailoring skills to make a suit

Read More
I think she's cute enough to get anyone to read!
Books were a huge passion of mine at school, I would carry a pile of them around with me everywhere and I was pretty much always reading (even sometimes when I was supposed to be working... oops!) but recently I have become incredibly lapse with my books. I find myself spending more and more time watching television or movies and less and less time with the written word and so I have decided to take a stand. I will read more books this year and I think I will much happier for it! So here is my goal:

Read at least twelve books this year

The Hitchcock/Monroe Challenge
I realise this painting has nothing to do with Alfred Hitchcock or Marilyn Monroe, but Gil Elvgren didn't ever paint anything vaguely to do with them, so I picked a pretty blonde for the Marilyn part and see what she's holding? Birds! Do you see what I did there? :)
This is a goal that I've been wanting to set for a while. I have watched a lot of costume dramas but very few films actually made in the time periods that I love. Because of this I have decided to educate myself in the ways of classic film, and to get myself started I have chosen two of the best artists of their ages: Alfred Hitchcock and Marilyn Monroe. I am so excited to start watching these films I cannot tell you!

Watch as many Alfred Hitchcock and Marilyn Monroe films as possible over the next year 
(a minimum of four of each)

Tidy House, Tidy Mind
Yup, I always knew there was I reason I disliked cleaning, it's clearly dangerous...
I can be a little messy in my everyday life, I work in a world of organised chaos, and basically I have decided that unless I start making some permanent changes I'm going to be living like this for the rest of my life! So I am resolving to live a clean and tidy life from now onwards. This resolution has three parts: my home (cleaning and general organising), my clothes (taking good care of everything, mending and organising) and my crafting (my sewing space needs some serious organising!). I'm really looking forward to the process of making my life neater and therefore, hopefully, happier!

Live a clean and tidy life

Get Out and About
If I had luggage like this I would constantly travel!
This is another twofold resolution! Firstly I want to go out walking more. I am naturally a stay in kind of girl but I want to explore more around the place that we live and spend a bit more time in the great outdoors. I really think it would be good for me, even if it is a big change! And secondly I would like to travel to a few choice places in the UK. My touring over the past year took me to some beautiful places that I would very much like to revisit, namely Edinburgh, Brighton and Bath (where I've never actually been but I'm sure I'd love it!), so hopefully I'll be planning some day trips for this year!

Go out walking more
Take trips to Edinburgh, Brighton and Bath

 Get Artistic!
Yes, if I could paint like that I'd look smug too!
This is a little extra goal that I thought I'd tag onto the end of this post because I've been thinking about it for a while, and although it may seem a small thing to some it would mean a lot to me. This year I want to paint a picture, preferably a canvas, to hang in my home. I always loved art as a child, painting and drawing, but since getting older all my crafts have moved into the more useful direction, mostly making clothes! And don't get me wrong, I adore my sewing and knitting, but I'd like to be a bit more artistic and creative just to make something beautiful. Plus I was ridiculously inspired by Cassie's stunning Christmas paintings - is there anything that this talented woman can't do?! - so much so that I'm determined to give it my best shot this year. And hopefully it won't be so awful that I can't bear to hang it in my house!

Paint a picture

Phew! I think that's enough to be getting on with don't you? Right now I'm really looking forward to everything that 2013 has in store :) How about you, have you set yourself any goals or made resolutions for the New Year?

Katie xxx


Jessica Cangiano said...

Great goals and posts, I really like how you partnered a classic pin-up gal with each one. I wish you the utmost of success with all of those resolutions and really hope you get to paint a picture. I have zip skill when it comes to drawing, but nevertheless, I've always thought it would be fun to try putting paint to canvas one day, too.

♥ Jessica

alicerosefearn said...

I know what you mean about tv and movies taking over reading time, I'm trying to go to bed at least half an hour earlier to get in some quality book time! I painted my first painting last year, it's just some sunflowers and it's so very far from skilled but it's also 100 times better that I thought it would be and I'm SO in love with it, I can't wait to see yours. Such a great collection of resolutions and goals, looks like you're going to have a brilliant, creative, super fun year!! Alice x

Patty said...

Best of luck with all your (commendable) goals! I may actually take up some of them for myself...

Anthea said...

I love reading too! Alas, I read less comatred to my teens. But I try to read every night, in bed, just before sleeping. It's my daily routine.

Good luck with achieving your goals this year!

Cassie Stephens said...

Wow, I'm thrilled that my paintings have inspired you to create some of your own :) A big blank canvas can be very you might want to start with just some large sheets of paper or canvas boards (which are cheaper) and copy art work of those you like. It's all about getting the ball rolling and letting go of your fears. A couple of glasses of wine should help with that ;) Cassie

Mim McDonald said...

I work in Bath, it's a fun city. Don't miss Scarlet Vintage (best vintage shop in town) and there's going to be a dress exhibition at the fashion museum over the coming year.

Helen T said...

Great goals! I managed to catch Marilyn Monroe in Niagara on TV over the holidays. It was fun to watch. She only had one knock out dress and a couple of cute suits to wear, but it did make me want to watch more of her movies!

April said...

Your blog is lovely! I featured this entry on my blog's Facebook fan page. :)

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