Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My Makes of 2012

Well hello there my lovely readers, and a very Happy New Year to you all! I thought I'd welcome in 2013 with a look back over 2012, I've certainly been busy! I had assumed that my being on the road for pretty much the whole of 2012 had restricted my ability to extend my wardrobe, but it seems I just forgot about most of the things I made :) So without further ado here are my makes of 2012!

Knitting of 2012
Images, Each Row, Left to Right:1. Sweet as Sugar Shrug, 2. The Most Glamourous Dressing Gown in the World, 3. My Pink, Frilly Girly Bed Jacket,
4. ASIT Volume 2 cardigan, 5. Fair Isle Sweater, 6. Christmas Jumper

This year I was so thankful to have such a portable craft as knitting, it's great to pop into a suitcase and take anywhere! It's been my constant companion on the road and in every theatre I visited you would have been sure to find me tucked up in a corner knitting either before or during the show :) I think I'm most proud of my dressing gown just because of the amount of time it took to complete, weeks if not months of my life are knitted into every stitch! And I also seem to be working my way slowly through A Stitch in Time Volume 2, as three of this year's projects were taken from that beautiful book. In addition to these knitted lovelies I also took out crochet this year and made two snuggly blankets. Pretty good going on the knitting front this year I think!

Knitting Goals for 2013:
Knit a jumper/cardigan with long sleeves (I'm solely lacking in this department!)
Knit a project from one of my vintage patterns

Sewing of 2012
Images, Each Row, Left to Right:
1. Swing Dress, 2. New Girl Dress, 3. Stripey Summer Top,
4. Stripey Sundress, 5. 1950s Novelty Print Book Dress, 6. Perfectly Parisian Patisserie Pyjamas,
7. Matching Cape and Skirt, 8. Bombshell Dress, 9. Christmas Dress

I was genuinely surprised at how much I have sewn this year, constantly travelling and even getting my sewing machine stolen has not put a dent in my sewing productivity! Granted I didn't beat last year's total of 14, but I don't think that 9 is too shabby, particularly considering how much more time and technique that goes into my projects now :) The big highlight of my year is definitely my cape and matching skirt, I still can't believe I made something so beautiful! I am addicted to tailoring now so I'm predicting quite a few further projects in my future! I feel that this year has also taught me a huge amount about my personal style through my sewing projects. I look at the person I was last January and the person I am now and it' quite a transformation! I really feel that I've found my look and I'm throughly enjoying it :) Most of my projects are dresses, but I live in dresses so it works for me! But perhaps this year I'll try something new...

Sewing Goals for 2013:
Sew my first ever pair of trousers
Make a coat
Use new found tailoring magic to make a suit :)

So all in all 2012 has been great on the knitting/sewing front, bring on 2013!

Bye for now,

Katie xxx


Kestrelmakes said...

Holy shit, you knit that dressing gown?! It's amazing. I love your dresses too.

Lucy said...

I love all the things that you have made, especially the little shrug. Happy new year :-)

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a terrifically productive year you had! I adore every one of your creations from 2012, and wish you the utmost of success with all the projects you hope to tackle in the coming year.

♥ Jessica

Alice said...

You were so productive last year, amazing xo

asewingodyssey.blogspot.co.uk said...

Katie, wow! I hands down love every single one of your 2012 makes and would gladly adopt them into my wardrobe any day! Well done you, can't wait what you have up your sleeve this year ;o)

Amanda Adams said...

What an amazing amount of awesome! Your dressing gown is simply lovely- well done :D What a productive year :)

kate dickinson said...

Wow! This is really impressive!

Tilly Walnes said...

Beauuuuutiful! Both you and everything you've made. You're kinda tempting me to take up knitting!

LandGirl1980 said...


Debi_myhappysewingplace said...

I LOVE all you projects! I'm with Tilly- you make me want to pick up knitting!

Landgirl said...

Amazing stuff, all so beautiful, and that dressing gown is a work of art.

Mim McDonald said...

So many amazing things! (I think you and I must be knitting twins; there are a few items that you've finished that I have in my Ravelry queue.) The cape and matching skirt are really splendid.

Ginger said...

Gosh, you have to have the most glamorous wardrobe around! Simply spectacular makes! Trousers are on my to-do list this year, too. :)

Anne Sofie Wang Pedersen said...

wow, you made a dressing gown?! amazing, it looks so good!

Wish I had the stamina and skills to make one, instead I must just admire yours:)

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