Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #33

Hey there lovely readers and a very very happy midweek to you all!

After my blissful bank holiday I was launched back into full scale rehearsals yesterday and today I must admit I'm pretty exhausted. With the long days I've been working recently and the weather starting to turn all I can think about is snuggling up in bed and having a good old snooze! With autumn on it's way I keep thinking about quilts, I have always wanted one but have never owned one, perhaps it's time to make one of my own :) In honor of my love of quilts I thought I'd share some of my favourite online finds with you. Take a gander at these...




Isn't that pink and blue yoyo quilt dreamy? The perfect thing for the perfect girlie boudoir :) And to add some more warm fuzzy feelings to your midweek let's bring on the Wednesday Wonderfuls!
That's it from me today, join me again soon for some more crafty posts. I have so much to share with you, I'll have to make the time :)

Bye for now!


LinB said...

The flowerpot desserts look so familiar -- I made something similar for a Flower Power party for my then-six-year-old child. The filling we used had cream cheese, chocolate pudding, and whipped topping (wish I had used whipped cream!) layered with the crushed cookie "soil." We pushed gummy worms into the top, and served it out of a plastic flowerpot with a brand-new trowel. Delicious, and charming. I've never dared to make a companion dessert, Kitty Litter Cake. It's a similar dessert, but you put smooshed tootsie-rolls on top, and serve it out of a litter box with a cat litter scoop. Disgusting.

Nattie said...

Oooh I love them all!

B.T.W I was given the Versatile Blogger Award, and I wanted to pass it onto you and your lovely blog! .. Nattie x

Miss Katie said...

LinB - your flowerpot dessert sounds great, very similar to the other one. But the kitty littler cake would just be a step too far for me I think! Eurgh, no thank you!

Nattie - Thank you so much, that's so sweet of you! You've made me very happy indeed :)

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