Tuesday, 22 February 2011

If the shoe fits... even though it usually doesn't!

Unfortunately for me I will never be the slender footed Cinderella who seems to fit every shoe! This fact was made sadly evident to me at the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair on Sunday, when I was left drooling over several beautiful pairs of shoes but could only dream of having them grace the ends of my legs. I have always loved a pretty pair of heels and there is something about vintage shoes that is just so feminine and graceful, something I find a bit lacking in modern footwear, that calls out to my soul. How very dramatic :) So even though I cannot wear them myself I thought I'd share some of my favourite online shoe finds at the moment. If you're lucky enough to have the kind of feet that would fit these beauties then I do wish you well, even if I may be turning a little green with envy... :)

Perfect peep toes, I love the lacy fabric and the velvet bows!
Similar to the style above but this time a peep toed boot!
More peep toes - I know what I like! - this time with gorgeous scarlet lacing
Talking of scarlet, how about some heels in my favourite colour? :)
The lace ups are incredible, I think I would wear them to death in the winter...
... or alternate with these brown beauties!
The buckles on these are just too sweet
I would love any of these shoes, wouldn't they go perfectly with my coat?
When it comes to shoes I know that I'm very lucky to live in the present day as apposed to one of my favourite vintage eras, because although the shoes were beautiful then my feet would still not be able to fit them, a fact I know I share with many modern girls, even the most glamourous, like "Diary of a Vintage Girl"s Fleur. In the 40s I would probably have ended up wearing mens shoes (gasp!) or maybe even crippling myself by forcing my feet into the teeny tiny shoes of prettiness. Is it wrong that in that situation I feel I might lean towards the latter solution...? :) And of course I am even more blessed to live in a world where many companies now make reproduction vintage shoes that can even accomodate my gargantuan hoofs (I'm kidding! They're not that big really, just by vintage standards!). Just take a look at these pretty examples from ModCloth:

Peep toe! A lovely day shoe

A shoe with the cut out style I like and sweet little bows!

Another pretty peep toe - am I getting predictable?
So there you have it, there's a vintage shoe out there for everyone, even if it's not strictly vintage! And I like to think there can never be too many pairs of shoes in a girl's life, so go on, go forth and collect shoe babies! And please don't find it too strange that I call them shoe babies...!

Bye for now :)

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