Saturday, 5 February 2011

Today I made gingerbread

Whilst preparing my Snail and Pigeon parcel today my sweet tooth started plaguing me, so I decided that gingerbread would be the way forward :)

Here is my gingerbread dough, made with eggs, flour, butter, syrup, and a few drops of water.

Now obviously I wanted to make some traditional gingerbread men...

...but I thought a few hearts and stars would be nice...

... and I needed some gingerbread hedgehogs. Obviously.

I decorated them with sugar crystals (can you spot the gingerbread man in the bikini?) :)

And they were delicious! They got the thumbs up from my family and my Sweetheart so I know this to be true :)

I hope your weekend has also been filled with sweet yummy goodness!

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