Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls #65

So, my wonderfuls are a day late for the second week in a row, oops! Ah, well, it doesn't make them any less Wonderful!

This week I've been crazy busy and enjoying my time in lovely Leeds :) It really is a beautiful city and I've loved my time here so far. I'm looking forward to exploring even more of it over the next couple of days!

I've also been snapping away over the last week on Instagram, so here are a few images from my life this week...

Images from Top Left:
1. Channeling my inner Betty Draper for Press Night, 2. My new little friend! 3. Squirrels are brilliant :)
4. A healthy snackette, 5. I am the pancake queen! 6. I love it when my pretty things are organised :)

But even in spite of all the pancakes I've been eating I've still found time to collect some Wonderfuls for you all! Enjoy :)

Happy midweek my lovely readers, I hope your week is filled with sugary treats and fun :)

Katie xxx


didyoumakethat said...

Thanks for the shout out! I know you'd make such pretty PJs.

svzeti said...

ohhh the dress looks amazing! just like one chuck would wear in pushing daisies! and I love your new little friend ;)

yeah I hope I'll find time to participate in the pyjama party project ;)


Anna Burnell said...

Oh those flowerpots are so lovely. You're right, they'd brighten any doorstep. Enjoy Leeds - it was my university city and I love it there so much I'm working on moving back!

Tasha @ By gum, by golly! said...

I saw her tutorial on Pinterest, I was happy to see it! You look fabulous in that Instagram snap . :)

Vanessa said...

Oh sweet I am so happy the package must have landed in to the little red squirrels hands!!!!! Yay love v

cassie stephens said...

Thank you so much for the sweet mention! I so appreciate it...and I do love that bird pin, gah!!

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