Monday, 30 April 2012

Bon Voyage!

Hello lovely readers! 
I'm tres tres excited because tomorrow morning I shall be jetting off to gay Paree!

Image from Kitschy Cupcakes via Pinterest

I can't wait to get back to one of my favourite cities and take in the sights, it's going to be wonderful! I'm also going to be taking a break from blogging while I'm away, but never fear because I've got some fabulous guest bloggers who will be filling in for me this week. So basically everything is very exciting on my end, I'm a very happy bunny right now :)

For now I'll bid you farewell, but I'll be back soon to share all my Parisian adventures (plus Me-Made-May starts tomorrow too, so I'll be showing off my handmade wares to all of France!)

Au Revoir for now!

Katie xxx


alicerosefearn said...

Hope you both have a wonderful, romantic time. x

Sarah Gilbert said...

Bon voyage, chere Katie! A bientot!

Zoë Winters said...

Oh my!  have a wonderful time sweet little lady!  I hope you have fun!  Zoë x

Sabrina said...

Hurray! Have a fabulous time!

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