Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls #7 and #8 - Bumper Issue!

Well hello there! Greetings once again from Holland land!

My adventures have been pretty intense so far and the wifi access here has been terrible, so I'm sorry for the long absence, but luckily I have found myself both a moment to myself and some wonderful internet to share with you what I'm loving about the blogosphere from the past two weeks. I must admit that whenever I've been able to get on my feed reader and have a browse through your jottings it has really stopped me feeling homesick, so thank you, you wonderful people!
  • Firstly Casey has started posting some interesting videos about thrifting, I know I want to have the luck in finding beautiful things that she always seems to have!
  • There's a great round up of seam finishing techniques over at Colette Patterns, well worth a look.
  • I was thrilled to be featured in a post over at Miss P's blog, along with some fabulous people. Thanks so much for the mention Miss P, and if you've joined me after reading said post, welcome :)
  • Fleur's post about vintage cycling has made me long to get home and ride my bike as the weather starts to get more spring-like. And if there's one thing Holland has instilled in me it's a reaffirmed love of the bicycle!
  • The Cupcake Goddess wrote about pretty vintage vs. ugly vintage, something that I've come across in life too (plus the knitting booklet she describes is just out of this world! I'd gladly make every single thing from it!)
  • Tasia has completed her stunning cape, perfectly matched plaid, sigh...
  • And finally Joy the Baker seems to have made it her mission to tempt me with every type of treat that I adore. I can;t wait to get home and try out her lemon cornmeal breakfast cakedulce de leche cupcakes and cinammon sugar pull apart bread (sadly my digs in Holland have no oven, so the idea of baking is nothing but a lonely pipe dream at the moment!)
And once again that's all I have time for, hopefully I'll be able to post again soon, I've been rummaging through the costumes at the theatre and have some interesting things to share with you all!

I'll leave you with a little peak at what I've been looking like for the past few days, and before you ask I haven't been overdoing it on the cakes, I'm supposed to be pregnant!

Sorry for the serious face!

Bye for now!


rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

Wow! Congrats! You do look stunning, Ma.

Rhia said...

Congrats :D You look so pretty with loose hair.

Miss Katie said...

Thank you both!

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