Thursday, 24 March 2011

Home Sweet Home! (Plus Wednesday Wonderfuls #9 and #10, a day late I know, sorry!)

Well hello there! Have you missed me? :) Ok, sorry about the hysterical picture, I'll calm down now...

I'm back home in the UK after what feels like years away, even though it was only just over three weeks, and I'm very happy to be back. Holland was amazing, an incredible experience, one I'm sure I will remember forever. After all, how many opportunities does one get to perform in an arena?

You can see that it was a pretty epic affair! I am very tired after all the long day and late nights, but it was worth it :) Finishing a show is always sad, and "Hair" in particular as our cast bonded very deeply, but at the same time I really am thrilled to be back with my family and my Sweetheart. And also to get some sewing done! I've been getting itchy fingers the whole time I was away, just dying to start some new projects, so expect some updates on the make-not-buy front very very soon :) Especially as the weather is getting so lovely, I need some pretty dresses in spring colours methinks!

Anyway, the land of blog seems to have been filled with lovelies over the past few weeks (yes I know, my Wednesday Wonderfuls are a day late, but I had a lot of unpacking to do!) so here are some of the things that have been a great read for me:

  • Some beautiful 1920s colour photos over at Glamour Daze
  • Wearing History has produced a really gorgeous new 1930s dress pattern
  • A brilliant 1940s hair tutorial from the brilliant Vixen Vintage
  • Sew Weekly posted some absolutely gorgeous pictures of green dresses, and although I'm too late for St. Patrick's day I think green may have to be my new colour :)
  • Casey posted a fabulous fabric belt tutorial which I'm itching to try!
  • Vanilla and Lace has doubled my need for a DSLR camera my posting about her DIY camera bag made from a vintage purse, how I covet one!
  • I have serious home envy after reading Rebecca Jean's guest post over at Casey's blog, all about her vintage style kitchen, swoon!
  • And finally Tasha over at By Gum By Golly is hosting a brilliant giveaway of three sewing/knitting books, so pop over and enter if you know what's good for you :)
I really am excited about what the future may have in store since I returned home. Today was particularly marvelous as Spring has finally decided to sprung here and so my Sweetheart and I spent a lovely day in the sun!

Good golly, bare legs and sun glasses!

What a handsome boy 

Trying to look model-ish!

Happy days :)

x o x o x
Look for lots of new posts now that I'm back, I have so much that I want to share!
Bye for now! xx

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