Friday, 8 February 2013

Sew For Victory: my chosen pattern

Hi there my lovely readers! I don't know whether you know it or not but the lovely Rochelle is holding a Sew For Victory 1940s sewalong over at her gorgeous blog Lucky Lucille. I'm really quite excited about this because the 1940s has to be one of my favourite decades of fashion but I haven't actually sewn many clothes from that era. So let the planning begin!

I decided to raid my stash for a possible pattern, because however much I'd love to go and buy a whole new selection of 1940s lovelies I think it would be better to use what I have first :) And lucky me, I found this little gem that I'd forgotten I even had!

Ever since completing my matching cape and skirt I have been dying to do some more tailoring, so this project will be just the ticket! I'm hoping that I will have the time to make both the long sleeved jacket and the skirt. I love the matching red look, however the plaid jacket with a solid colour skirt is really interesting too! I will definitely need research some suits of the 40s the get my inspiration in terms of colour and fabric. 

What do you think of my chosen pattern? Do you have any suggestions as the the colour or print of fabric? And are you taking part in Sew For Victory too? I'd love to hear about your plans for what you'll be making!

Bye for now,

Katie xxx


Tasha @ By gum, by golly! said...

Oh Katie, it's fabulous!! I love it! I really want to attempt a 40s jacket someday but I really don't know anything about tailoring, and I feel like I should fill in more things in my wardrobe before attempting that. lol

I would totally vote for plaid... but bear in mind this is being spoken by a woman with no less than 5 vintage plaid jackets. *cough cough* I may have a plaid problem...

Ginger said...

Wow, what a great pattern! Can't wait to see this on you!

Bea said...

I can't wait to see your suit put together. Although I sew loads, I don't really do tailoring so this really impresses me. I'm sure it'll be amazing!!

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